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Welcome Aboard! Nice to meet you

We have been sharing our adventures with you on YouTube for the past 6 years and so often we get told that we are "Living The Dream..."

With over 130 videos of our adventures published to YouTube we've been inspiring others to live their own dream since day one of sharing this amazing adventure. Since then we've sailed more than 15,000 miles all around the Caribbean and the Pacific coast of Central America and you can do it too!

Life isn’t guaranteed...

Life is for Living!

For those interested in seeing

what this Sailing Lifestyle is really like...

We've created the Trio Catamaran Experience.

We're offering you an opportunity to try out the cruising experience onboard Saltair 3. If you are contemplating this lifestyle for yourselves and want to learn more come join us for an all inclusive week.

But you don't have to be thinking of setting sail yourself though, this offer is open to anyone interested in spending an amazing week sailing, adventuring or just relaxing in the sun with us on Saltair3.


Hi! We're Sailing Trio Travels

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We are Brad, Krista and Cole also known as Trio Travels.

See what we did there... ; ) 

Prior to moving aboard Saltair 3 we spent our summer time holidays and weekends coastal cruising the Gulf Islands of British Columbia in our Hunter 335 sailboat and our winter time vacations backpacking Australia and SE Asia. We were hooked on travel and on sailing and found ourselves asking the question; “how can we continue travelling and seeing the world...?”

It made perfect sense to us to combine the two and take the steps necessary to try out this sailing lifestyle, and what better way to do it than on a big sailing Catamaran!

We said goodbye to our life on Vancouver Island and set out on a month long road trip to Florida to find our new floating home. Eventually we found her in a slightly forgotten state waiting patiently for us in a canal in Fort Lauderdale. It had been awhile since she had seen any love and she wasn't really in the condition needed for extended cruising. So we spent the following 3 months doing an extensive refit. That refit experience spiked our knowledge of all the systems on Saltair 3 and before we knew it the lines were untied and we were setting sail for the Bahamas.



Since then we have called Saltair 3 and the Caribbean our home, visiting over 40 Islands and Countries from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic, to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, from St Martin down the Windward and Leeward Islands chain to Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago. Then it was back up again the Island chain and on to sail the south coast of Cuba and the Western Caribbean.

We've now sailed and explored the whole Caribbean, spending the past 2 years sailing up and down the coasts of Caribbean Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. 

But after more than 5 years spent sailing these waters, we were looking to explore new destinations. So in December 2019 we set out from Belize to transit the Panama Canal! This would come to be an Epic moment in our sailing life. 

Hello Pacific Ocean!

From the Panama Canal our journey has continued north all along the coast of Central America and Mexico to this year's final destination of the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Mexico. In the past 6 years we've put almost 20,000 nautical miles under Saltair 3's keels!

For now our plans are to spend the next couple of years exploring Pacific Mexico and the Sea of Cortez.

Places like Mazatlån, Puerto Vallarta, Melaque, Zihuatenajo, and Mazanillo on the Pacific coast and Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Espiritu Santo, Loreto and Puerto Escondido in the Sea of Cortez.

Mexico has so much to offer...

We hope you can join us for an amazing week of sailing, learning,

and adventuring as we share with you this wonderful new destination...


Fine print: Considerable physical fitness and references required, as well as basic swimming skills 

  and an adventurous Sailor's spirit... Does that sound like you...Then what are you waiting for!?

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Brad is the Captain of our hearts, our boat and life’s adventures. Brad has an adventurous spirit, and lives by the motto “make it happen.” With his training as a Pilot and a Sailor he never ceases to amaze us with his ability to handle any situation on the fly. He runs a tight ship and keeps things running in tip top shape.

With a background in Restaurant ownership and hospitality, Brad knows how to host a great time. Diving into new cultures and hanging with the locals is Brad’s travel style. New friends are treated as old friends and old friends like family. His thirst for adventure may never be quenched. He's always saying he wishes we had 2 days for every 1 so we could see and enjoy all the things this world has to offer. Brad has his aviation Private Pilot's Licence and never turns down and opportunity to go for a flight. Brad bought his first sailboat at 22 years old and has been sailing ever since. He has always aspired to bigger and bolder adventures, so here we are!



I love travel, adventures and seeing new and exotic places with my boys. Life is for Living! 

While onboard Saltair 3 you will find me cooking delicious meals, posting on our social media pages, boat schooling Cole and enjoying one of Brad’s yummy Cocktails with him out on the deck at sunset.

With a background in hospitality and a degree in design my love for entertaining has become a hobby, and I can find any reason to create a party! Hosting and sharing meals and drinks with friends onboard Saltair 3 is my happy place. In our travels, seeking out new foods and new styles of cooking is one of my favourite travel experiences.

I learned to sail when I met Brad and never in a million years did I think that I would become a blue water offshore sailor, but here I am 6 years and more than 15,000 miles later... and I wouldn’t change a thing. 



Cole is full of life, with a unbreakable positivity and happy outlook. His growing passion for sailing, exploring and adventure is infectious.

Cole was born a mariner, out sailing cradled in mom's arms at just 7 days old! We started our life on Saltair 3 when he was 8  and he has grown into an intelligent capable member of our crew. Now 15yrs old and a strong 6’4” boy, he is always keen to take over what needs to be done. Living on a boat has shaped him into an accomplished sailor / traveler with an Engineers brain.

While onboard Saltair 3 you will find Cole doing all kinds of things. Learning is what he’s all about. Always able to find something fun to do you can sometimes find him swinging around the mast on Saltair 3's halyards. He loves fishing, swimming and exploring and always seems to come up with a new adventure to do with his friends. Cole is a leader with a "can do" attitude. Seeking out fun wherever he goes!

His gregarious nature has no boundaries, he's comfortable talking with young or old.

This sailing lifestyle has been the perfect fit for Cole.

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