A Family of Three that Loves Sailing and Travel!

Follow the three of us, Brad, Krista and Cole, while we explore together, new Countries,

new Sights, and new Cultures, trying Exotic foods along the way...



Brad has an adventurous spirit and a sense of confidence that says: 

"I can do that". He has been a sailor since he was 22 when he received his CSA Canadian Sailing 

certifications and bought his first sailboat, a 24' Islander Bahama and started a scrap book dedicated to his dream of one day sailing the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal and around the world. Together Brad and Krista have owned 4 sailboats They chartered out their 35' Hunter in B.C's Gulf Islands for 4 years and then as life permitted, upgrading to their 42' Fountaine Pajot 


Passionate about most things and a problem solver supreme. Brad leads our fearless crew.

Brad is also a consummate business man, owning and operating 3 Restaurants in his career. Then turning his skills to construction,.

Together, Brad and Krista bought, renovated and re-sold houses during the B.C. Real Estate boom.

Brad is also an Airplane Pilot and is at home on the sea or in the air. 



Nothing happens without the Admiral's approval, but that's never hard to get!  

Krista is a fun loving and adventurous girl with a huge heart always ready to give what she can. Krista has been sailing since shet met Brad 16 years ago. An amazing Chef, Krista studied French Cuisine and the Crew of Saltair 3 couldn't be happier about it.

Krista's gorgeous smile is infectious and everyone has a good time when spending time with her. Krista holds a Batchelor's Degree in Design.

During B.C.'s Real Estate boom Krista put her talents and degree in Design to use as together,Brad and Krista bought, renovated and sold houses. To add to this she is a talented Chef having trained under Denise Marscheault in French Cuisine. Krista was also a National level swimmer, and of course... loves the water.


Not many children are as adaptive, resilient or as outdoor adventurous as Cole. He is a very quick learner and listens well to direction. Never the shy child, he is at home talking with young or old. By 9 Cole had already visited 10 different countries including backpacking through South East Asia with mom and dad in 2013. He has been sailing with us since he was a baby and is also at home on the sea or in the air. Now 10 years old as of June 2015 he is excited about our sailing adventure, about learning new things and making new friends. Boat schooled since we moved aboard. 

He is thriving in the one on one learning environment that his Teacher/Mother has provided for him.

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