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Come try the Life...


Welcome aboard Catamaran Saltair 3 

Come join TRIO on an Epic Sailing Adventure!

Come join us aboard our 42' Catamaran Saltair 3 for an Epic Sailing Adventure!


Enjoy our hospitality and relax, or take this opportunity to learn how to sail a Big Cat!

We are excited to give people the opportunity to join us and experience the cruising lifestyle first hand. Take this opportunity to learn from what we have learnt, to see what we have seen, and to experience what we experience... If you're contemplating this change in life, this new adventure, then you're in good hands. There's the easy way to do things and the hard way. You can learn from your mistakes or you can learn from ours. We're not saying we've made many, but there's always something we wish someone would have told us about before learning it the hard way...

A week long all inclusive “Sail and Learn” adventure; Learn how to sail a Big Catamaran, how to dock and operate a catamaran, the best anchoring practices, provisioning a passage, living independently of land, electrical systems used aboard SA3 including solar and lithium battery advice, power consumption and management, water making and management, engine maintenance and repair experiences, what are our favourite Caribbean countries and why, what are the best countries to get things done in, what boat makes and models do we like and why, our advice on some of the best places to find a used boat to buy, weather planning and considerations, passage planning, passage experiences, customs and immigration considerations, Pirates and how to stay safe, plus deep sea fishing while under passage for tuna and mahi mahi, spear fishing for lobster, snorkelling amongst the most amazing coral reefs, sea kayaking, wake boarding, this list of the truly amazing experiences that you get to enjoy while cruising with us goes on and on...

With a complete Ocean going refit of our 42' Catamaran 'Saltair 3', with over 17 thousand ocean miles of sailing/cruising in our lives, and more than 45 countries under our belts, we've got enough in our heads ready to share, to help anyone make a good start.

Whether you are planning to sail off on an adventure like ours someday and want to test drive the lifestyle first, or you just want a taste of what living the dream is all about, now is your chance! Come and be a part of the sailing action or soak it all up just by watching, you are welcome to try whatever you are up for. Either way there is an adventure with Trio waiting!

Who you see on Youtube is who we are, we like to have fun and we love an adventure!

Now you too can come and be part of it all.

Before casting off the lines, in our previous lives we were owner/operators of restaurants and a boutique bed and breakfast (www.creeksidebnb.com) so you are in good hands aboard SA3.


This season we will be cruising the Western Caribbean, Guatemala and it's Rio Dulce, 

Belize with it's second longest barrier reef in the world and the beautiful Exumas island chain of the Bahamas. Get in touch with us if you are at all interested, limited availability.

In Belize you can expect gorgeous turquoise waters, small white sand islands, bio-diverse mangrove islands, incredible reefs exploding with fish and sailing waters that are protected by the barrier reef.

Exploring in Guatemala and the exotic Rio Dulce (the sweet river) with it's howler monkeys, jungle clad mountains, canyon walls that go straight up from where you sit, and local people selling fruit in dug out canoes. Join us for a week sailing from Belize that will include a multi day journey up this exotic and mysterious feeling river...

The Exumas island chain in the Bahamas is justly referred to as the "Diamond Necklace of the Bahamas". Crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches abound. The sailing here is amazing because of the protection provided by the Exuma island chain and the constant blow of the Trade Winds. It's a wonderful beam reach sail most of the day as we sail protected behind the chain.

The large company charter boats charge a lot (most upwards of $10,000 per week and not including food or beverage, a Captain or Chef) and they have heavy restrictions on where they can go, but since we are cruising on, and own Saltair 3, there are so many special anchorages and out of the way places that we're able to sail to and enjoy all to ourselves.

You get to learn, you get to enjoy and you get to see so much more on SA3 for a fraction of the price of what the big charter companies charge.

While sailing with us you may also get to spear fish for lobster, deep sea fish for tuna and mahi mahi, snorkel and dive beautiful coral reefs or sunken wrecks, visit beautiful and remote white sand beaches, use our ocean "sailing" kayak to spend an afternoon exploring or try your hand at wake boarding, or maybe just lounge around with a sunset cocktail and snacks,


In our freshly renovated catamaran we can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably. The Starboard side (all yours) includes 2 private cabins (one Queen and one oversized Double) and a large bathroom. All your meals will be included as well as snacks and sundowner Rum cocktails at happy hour or at anchor down.

This isn’t a booze up party boat, rather a chance to come experience and see what we enjoy on a daily basis. But hey, don’t worry, we plan on having lots of fun! 


Maybe you want to come as a couple, or a couple with your 2 kids, or 2 couples, whatever you choose we know you will have a great time!  Kids will have a blast with Cole as their personal onboard friend. They will enjoy all the fun activities and experiences that Cole gets to enjoy, from fishing to kayaking or kayak sailing, to swimming and snorkeling, paddle boarding, wake boarding... your kids will love it, you will love it!

If you are on the fence wondering if living on a boat is for you, then come try it out first hand with us aboard Saltair 3. We've been cruising the Caribbean for over 5 years now and we've sailed over 17,000 miles in our lives. Come learn from all that we have learnt and experienced living a life on the sea... and have a great time doing it.

The experience of a lifetime is waiting aboard Saltair 3...

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