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Spend an all inclusive week aboard Catamaran Saltair3

"Come test drive the life..."

With so many amazing countries in the Caribbean and many of them within a few days of sailing, we are offering a chance to see more of the Caribbean.

Itinerary #1 Belize - November 2019 - December 2019

Many of the larger airline carriers now offer winter time flights to Belize City, making getting to us in Placencia from where you may live, pretty easy. This itinerary will have you meeting us in Placencia, a cute and still relatively untouched typical Belizean town with a nice beach and very chilled out vibe. An example of an itinerary; From Placencia we will sail North East through some of the tricky shallow water ways past dozens of tiny islands home to local fishermen. One night we will visit Dustin and his family at Hideaway caye and his completely self sufficient and amazing rustic Tree House restaurant and bar, literally miles away from civilization. His wife Kim makes an amazing Rum Punch and Lobster meal! The next day we head out towards the UNESCO Heritage protected and second longest barrier reef  in the world, the Belizean Barrier Reef. We will drop the anchor at one of the tiny tropical islands literally meters inside this barrier reef. Because of this incredible reef and it's ecosystem, the Smithsonian Institute keeps a resource building here on the the tiny island caye called 'Carrie Bow'. The snorkelling in this pristine area is amazing! At night when we turn on the underwater lights and we sometimes get a fantastic show put on by up to a dozen Eagle Rays as they surf through the light right under our boat looking for a dinner of the smaller fish that also gather. The next day we set sail again and drop the anchor right next to another beautiful island. 

For those that are interested in a little more adventure away from the reef, back along the mainland there is a 5 mile long jungle river trip we can include too. The Sittee River winds it's way through the lush jungle and eventually brings us to a beautiful tiny marina with a palapa bar. A small fishing village and a new expat community is close by. After securing the Cat we explore farther up the river by dinghy. Navigating the River's entrance is always a tricky and an exciting adventure, as such we have the beauty of this Tropical River all to ourselves...


The sailing in Belize is relatively easy and a great learning area, with loads of essential navigation between and through tricky narrow and shallow passes, you are a part of all of it. The barrier reef minimizes the larger ocean swell and the Trade Winds blow consistently from the East. This makes for excellent sailing. It's a heads up, keep a good look out, beam reach sail most of the day. 

The snorkeling here is also intense and amazing! Lobster, Nurse sharks, Rays and Lion Fish to name just a few, and a barrage of colourful corals, fish and sea fans abound in this underwater untouched world. Belize is still so relatively remote, and as such the reef is alive and healthy. The beach bars however are almost non existent. We start and finish our Sailing adventure in the cute and quiet town of Placencia. 

6 nights $5,500 based on four people in two private cabins all inclusive; including all meals, snacks ,beverages (alcoholic and non- alcoholic), fishing gear, snorkel gear, kayak and water toys, park fees, marina and port fees ,etc.

Itinerary #2 Guatemala  November 2019 - December 2019 

Guatemala and the Rio Dulce experience(Watch the video of our recent trip up the Rio Dulce. Click the video below)

For those that are a little more adventurous...

Join us for a week long passage from Belize to Guatemala and back to Belize.

The Rio Dulce is ranked as an experience of a life time...

After joining us in Placencia Belize, it's a day sail to the small group of islands and cays in Southern Belize known as the Snake Cays. Manatees abound here and only fishermen live on these small Palm tree covered remote sand and mangrove cays.

The next day we sail for Tres Puntas, the staging anchorage for the following day's sail to the seaside town of Livingston in Guatemala where we will clear into the country. The entrance to Livingston is also the entrance to the Rio Dulce. The silted river waters slow at the mouth of the river, and consequently the entrance has become shallow. Monohull sailboats must time their river entrance to the Rio with the high tides and they often get stuck. A catamaran is slightly immune to this schedule but the crossing of the River bar is still an exciting and exhilarating experience! Saltair 3 has a shallow enough draft that this is not an issue but the anxious excitement is still very much in play. It's quite an experience entering into a tropical jungle river!

Once we have all cleared in with Customs and Immigration at Livingston we will slowly follow the Rio Dulce (river) as it twists and winds for hours through a spectacular gorge of 300-foot towering limestone cliffs backed by dense walls of tropical green foliage and waterfalls... keep a close eye out for monkeys! 

In the 17th century, the Rio Dulce offered a safe sanctuary for Spanish galleons heavily laden with gold that had been plundered from the Inca Empire in Peru. They sought refuge in here from the pirate infested waters that plagued Belize.

Along the river you will feel like you have gone back in time... We are always in awe as we watch the young Mayan children and women paddling in their cayucas (dugout canoes carved from mahogany logs) across the river to sell their daily catch of the day or their fresh baked tortillas, or the men as they toss their casting nets from these small and seemingly un-sea worthy canoes. Most of the native homes on the river are made of stick walls with palapas (thatched roofs made of palm leaves) all surrounded by a lush land that provides bountiful fruit & vegetables. Along the river there are multiple estuaries acting as roads for the local people and leaving us wondering what villages lie just up these many disappearing waterways...

Gradually the river gives way to El Golfete a 10-mile long bay. El Golfete is a shallow lake in the middle of the River. Here we will drop anchor for the night at "Texan Bay" a quiet, tiny water front village and one of the many off shoot estuaries of the river. Quietly gliding into this anchorage is an awe inspiring experience too...

The next day we are back in El Golfete making our way further up the river to the town of Fronteras where small marinas abound and sailing cruisers collect. Fronteras is a town you will never forget...

This is a spectacular 25+ mile long and 2 day motor sail from Livingston to Fronteras.

All in all your week will be full of amazing sites and incredible new adventures few ever get the chance to experience.

After arriving in Fronteras the following day we make our way back down the Rio for Placencia Belize.

Fronteras is where many Caribbean sailors spend their Hurricane season. For an incredibly interesting albeit crazy experience...this town is not to be missed! There are at least 6 different marinas in this area. It is an excellent place to search for a used sailboat.

We can spend a day or two here. Then we make our way back down the Rio Dulce with similar stops on our way back to Placencia Belize.

6 nights $5,500 based on four people in two private cabins all inclusive; including all meals, snacks ,beverages (alcoholic and non- alcoholic), fishing gear, snorkel gear, kayak and water toys, park fees, marina and port fees ,etc.















Itinerary #3 The Exumas, Bahamas - February 2020 - March 2020 - April 2020

This chain of islands is often referred to as the "Diamond Necklace" of the Bahamas and we can tell you it's well deserved! The Exumas chain is full of beautiful spots to drop the anchor, crystal clear turquoise water with white sand beaches are everywhere and with so many islands in the chain the next anchorage is less than a day's sail away. The islands provide wonderful protection from the waves that the North Atlantic can churn up but the winds continue to blow making it a exhilarating but comfortable beam reach sail most of the days. On a sunny day with a few clouds you will see the turquoise blue of the sea reflecting on the undersides of the clouds. A gorgeous thing to see. Snorkelling and spear fishing for lobster is a daily event and while under sail you can do a little deep sea fishing for a Mahi Mahi or a Tuna! The Bahamas are unforgettable...

To reach us in the Bahamas you will fly into Georgetown international airport GGT.

7 nights $5,900 based on four people in two private cabins all inclusive; including all meals, snacks ,beverages (alcoholic and non- alcoholic), fishing gear, snorkel gear, kayak and water toys, park fees, marina and port fees ,etc.










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