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Kenny and Julie Pyatt

On Jun 8, 2020, at 1:15 PM, Kenny  wrote <kenny....@gmail.com> wrote:


Hey Brad,

I hope all is well with you and your family during this crazy time.  We've been keeping up with your YouTube videos and Julie is following on other social media.


With regards to our plans, we've been running pretty far behind our original schedule (COVID certainly didn't help).  But we figured you'd like to know that we are giving notice to our jobs in August.  We are going to follow your plan and buy an RV and head down to Florida to shop for boats in September.


Looking forward to the change of pace and lifestyle.  I know I've said it but it's worth repeating.  We learned so much from you guys both via YouTube and the week we spent with you on Trio.  Thanks again for everything.




On July 22, 2020, at 10:23 AM, Kenny wrote

<kenny....@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Brad,

Our adventure has almost started.  We will give notice at our jobs on August 3rd.  Julie will quit at the beginning of September and I will quit at the end of September.


We've already started boat shopping.  We toured a really nice 2012 Lagoon 400 this weekend and pending a few questions being answered, we are about to make an offer.  It's an owners version that is in really nice shape.


The plan is to make the offer and then do survey and sea trials the week of the 13th.


Thanks so much for your guidance and advice.  We had a lot more confidence in this whole process thanks to spending time on SaltAir 3.




On July 27, 2020, at 4:49 PM, Brad wrote

<Trio....@gmail.com> wrote:


Hi Kenny and Julie

Wow, beautiful boat! That cockpit is perfect. The helm is well placed if there is a clear spray guard in front of you while seated at the helm and those flat decks will be great for the girls! 

She’s a beauty! 

Do you have to do much outfitting for offshore sailing and remote anchorages? ie; solar addition, water maker, AIS…? Don’t spend money on a life raft if your new home doesn’t come with one. At least that’s our opinion. Did we talk about that with you…?

Our first sail was with the broker from Lauderdale to Miami at Biscayne Bay where we picked up a mooring ball for a couple of nights. Then we were straight across the Gulf Stream for Bimini. Best memories… Bimini has water that looks like the colour of Bubble Gum Ice cream. You will love it there. It’s remote but awesome! 

Don’t forget to trail a fishing line as you enter the tongue of the ocean near Bimini, it’s a super deep spot in the ocean shaped like a tongue that drops off from less than a hundred to thousands of feet. Great fishing right there! Get ready for it! Also get the Explorer Charts for the Bahamas. Unbelievably good, no other charts compare. There are 3 or 4 editions depending on where you will sail to but spend as much time the Bahamas as you can. 


It's easy sailing in the Exumas, but not without it's challenges! There is loads of protection from the Trade Winds while sailing behind the Islands. You do have to come out at certain challenging passes but planning your weather will keep you safe. 


The Explorer charts will get you into some really awesome places you wouldn’t otherwise go to. If wish I had mine with me here in B.C. so I could take a shot of our routes and share them to you… we went through some pretty shallow waters and found some p[retty amazing spot by doing so, but be careful not to get stuck, nobody close by to help pull you off that shifted sand bank ; ) but rest assured, we didn’t get stuck while exploring… only while sitting at anchor in front of Staniel Cay did we have a shallow water experience for everyone to witness! Lol! A story for the next time we meet...


Wow super stoked for you guys! So what’s the plan then… when will you cast off and for where? Bimini? the Keys??? 

Keep us in the loop! We may just see you at an anchorage sooner than later…


Cheers to you all and Congratulations!

From the Crew of Saltair3



On October 17, 2020, at 2:38 PM, Kenny wrote

<kenny....@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Brad,

We're anchored out on our boat for the first time in the Bay of Mobile, Alabama.  We sailed most of the way here.


My last day of work is October 30th.  Still have a ton to do before we fully untie the lines but progress is being made.  So excited!


I wanted to take a minute and tell you thanks for letting us learn from you guys. All the anchor drills and the coaching you guys gave us just paid off big time. Julie drove the boat while I man handled the anchor.  Pretty sure we used your hand signals.  You also gave us a ton of confidence in general with the choice to make this our new lifestyle.


George, Sarah, Carter, and Merilyn ~ the Duke family

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Luan and Angela Ho from Arkansa

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Jacob and Beth Stoddard - Scott and Angelica Mitchell


Beth; "This was the best vacation ever"

Jacob; "I feel really comfortable at the helm and I got everything I wanted out of this trip.

I now know I really want a Catamaran!"

Scott and Angelica; "We learnt so much we're buying a boat now and Cole, you are so much fun to do stuff with. Thanks"