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How do you decide to sell everything and Go sail the world?

May 16, 2013

Krista, Cole and I have been Sailing together since Cole was born, 9 days old actually in July 2005 when we bought a 34' Hunter Sailboat.

It was our second sailboat together, and that day we sailed it from North Vancouver to Point Roberts Washington. Any of you that sail the Pacific North West will know these places well. Our first trip as a family of 3 and we've been sailing ever since.

We never really got the camping on land thing and we have always loved the excitement that sailing brought.

Travel has also always been a thing for us. Cole seemd to love it too.

The year we did Australia together was amazing! We landed in Melbourne and planned on driving the Great Ocean Road and then on to explore the Red Center where Ayers Rock, (aka Uluru) the world's largest Monolith is. 

In Melbounre we searched for a Camper Van to do our traveling in. You see we think buying a good used Camper Van is the best way to see Australia. You can do it by bus but you only see what is on the bus route, you can do it by rental car but the back roads made of gravel are off limits to rental cars and that is where you will find the best camping spots. 

In our search we found a loaded machine full of camping gear right down to binoculars and fishing rods, all included in the sale! It had 3 front seats up front, one for each of us and sleeping bunks in the back, along with a small kitchen and an awning, it was perfect!

Sitting up front in a 3 front seater Camper Van right between mom and dad meant that Cole was literally in the middle of every decision, and every discussion. 

This is much different than how most families with two or more kids have to do it, it's always (and it has to be ); Kids in the back and Adults in the front.

Having just one child, we didn't want him sitting in a back seat all by himself, cut off from all the fun conversations of traveling, so we searched out a camper van with 3 front seats. With Cole sitting up front, our travels together changed! Cole was a part of everything and we loved it, we were hooked!

Our adventures together just got better from there.



Because our business was mostly summer based, we rarely got the chance to hoist the sails and enjoy the water on our Sailboat. Soon our Hunter sailboat was up for sale. We had traded our Summer Sailing for Winter Traveling. New Zealand and the Cook Islands were next, and the list of Countries we have traveled to as a family just keeps growing...


In 2013 the winter was exceptionally cold and wet in B.C.

We had just returned from spending the first few weeks of the year backpacking through Southeast Asia and we felt an incredible pull to keep seeing the world.


Maybe we could keep doing it... maybe we could travel the world in a sailboat... we had read about others doing it... but how could we afford to?


Along with our seasonal business Krista and I had been buying, renovating and flipping (selling) older, mistreated homes. Not a lot of homes mind you, 6 over the past 10 years.

We had held onto 2 of them and they were currently rented out. The mortgages were being covered but nothing more.

Our minds were racing... Could we continue renting them out? Could we be absentee landlords and hope that everything would be fine while we were thousands of miles away, sometimes being no where near land or a phone.

We needed the equity these reantal homes held to even think about doing this. 

They would have to be put up for sale. 

In hind sight, that was the easy part.


The decision was made, if we wanted to do this sailing the world thing we would have to start by liquidatiing our assests, our bank accounts weren't exactly over flowing and we needed cash to buy the boat, we did not want to trade a house mortgage for a boat mortgage... 

What came next was the hardest thing we have ever done.



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