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What are we doing?!

August 9, 2014



Before we left we sold most of our things, things we didn't think we would need in the future, furniture, tools, toys, kitchen things, bicycles.


I think, as I posted in a previous post, that we were too hasty on a lot of items.

At the time it felt good to let go of the stuff we had accumulated, but now looking back, I think maybe I should have tried to store more and sold less.


I guess it's only this; No one is ever sure of what the future holds and I think we should have left ourselves more of a safety net for when we return. 

So far this has been my only regret. I should have given more thought to what we had before selling off so much of our stuff. On the flip side though, what would it cost to store so much stuff? Would the cost to store outweigh the cost to buy again?

If we were selling our nice things at a garage sale, surely we could find somebody else's nice things for sale at a garage sale when we returned. A bit of good Karma right? Who knows...


Selling our home was incredibly emotionally tough.

This is the only home Cole has ever known, it is a home with acreage and he loved/loves it, we love it. A bridge over a creek as part of our driveway with trout that Cole loved fishing for. A motorcycle dirt bike was his favourite toy right next to his Mountain bike bicycle. He loves the outdoors and was rarely inside.

Krista and I practically built this home from the ground up, everything is new and we did almost everything ourselves. There is a lot of blood sweat and love put into this home. It's perfect in so many ways...

Why would we want to sell it then...? it sounds like we all will be quite sad when it comes to actually saying good bye...

It will be hard to say good bye but you only live once. We've had our time here and we're ready for another chapter, another challenge. Both our dad's past away far too early and it really rang a bell for us. We love seeing the world together, the three of us always working as a team while we travel and we love it. We love what travel has done to our little family, and Cole, now age 10 was 9 when we left for Florida and 5 when we all started backpack traveling, has become such a capable boy. It is the perfect time for him now, to be a part of our Crew and to continue our travels together onboard a sailboat where he can contribute and continue to learn so much about the world and more... He already knows more knots than Krista and I together!


Financially we have been kind of winging it. We feel a little irresponsible about that part but only because we don't know all the answers, does anyone really? We had 3 homes, but no pension and no big retirement savings. Those were woven into the equity of our 3 homes. 

The plan was to sell our 2 rental homes and then our main home, all of it.

We didn't want to continue being landlords from far away, sometimes no where near internet or a phone other than maybe a sat phone. How could we deal with rental homes when there was nothing we could do should a problem arise, except maybe find someone else do handle it. New tenants, bad teneants, even bad management companies. Too much to think about while sailing. We sold both rental homes in a matter of months. Besides, we needed the cash to buy the boat.


Back to the plan. We would buy a motorhome and enjoy a family camping/travel adventure across the country while waiting for Creekside to sell and thus getting closer to Florida where the Catamaran shopping would begin.

We bought the Motorhome and began filling it with our favourite things, things we thought we would need when we moved onto the sailboat, the rest woud be stored at Mom's house in her basement waiting for us to return. Then we said good bye and drove from Vancouver Island to Florida.

The money from the sale of our rental homes would get us to Florida, it would purchase the boat and we would hopefully have enough money left over to sail for a few years without having to touch the money we hoped to get from the sale of our last house, our home Creekside. 

All went according to plan, except that we couldn't and still can't seem to sell our pride and joy, our beautiful home on 7 acres that we lived in. It is still for sale today as I write, with an offer pending buyer finacing as always. We have been waiting for it to sell for almost 2 years now, and still we wait. 

As I said everything was going to plan except the sale of our home, called "Creekside" www.creeksidebnb.com 

We were tired of showings, somtimes 2 a week and every week. So we decided to get going and head to Florida, the stress of constant showings was wearing us down.

We had shut down the business and we were ready. Surely the house would sell soon.

When the house does sell we will take the money, invest it in the markets and hope to make enough to supplement our sailing kitty and keep us sailing.

This would work for us and if we had to, we would find employment somewhere in the Caribbean for a few months at a time to supplement our sailing kitty. Finding work on some beautiful island where we wouldn't mind settling down for awhile, sounds great doesn't it? 

We had worked in the Caribbean before, we could easily do it again.

One final thing before we left. We needed someone to look after our home and acreage while away and waiting for it to sell. Not a tenant so to speak but rather care takers, house sitters. The property needs attention, leaving it alone indefinately wasn't something we wanted to do. We hoped this approach would find more respectable people, someone that would take pride and keep things looking as they were.

We found an amazing couple to house sit for us. They would keep the house in "showing" condition, ready for the Realtor to bring prospective buyers by at anytime. We felt they would respect Creekside and that soon it would sell. In fact we were worried that the house would sell too early and that the house sitters would have to leave earlier than they wanted to.

Well today the house still hasnt sold...

We have been in transition for far too long and we need to make a decision. Do we put the Dream on hold and wait for the house to sell hoping we don't dig ourselves a financila hole to big to get out of, or do we call it quits and get back into land based living, jobs for us, school for Cole etc...

Would we have done it differently? Are we regretting some of our decisions we made, yes a little, but only because it has taken so long for our home to sell.

So we have decided to put the boat up for sale as well as the house and wait. If the boat sells first we dive back into land based living. If the house finally sells we re-ignite the Dream and set sail but if it takes much longer we will have to re think things again. We've opened up our busness and things are looking good. We've sarted looking for jobs and being Summer, there is lots of interest in our home.

On the flip side there seems to be lots of interest in our Sailboat too....

Which one will sell first? What does the future look like for us now?

What the heck are we doing?




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