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Miami Boat Show

February 16, 2015


Well, it seems everyday has been busy with boat renovations, upgrades and Blue Water outfitting. I’ll tackle just the past few days.

We did the Miami Boat Show over the weekend. We had planned on spending one maybe 2 days liesurely exploring the show with the intention of getting to know something about water makers and anchor windlasses. We don't have a water maker and our windlass seems to work but it’s questionalbe as for how long. These are two expensive pieces of equipment but essential to Blue Water Cruising. The water maker costs around $8,000 and the windlass around $3,000. 

The Miami Boat Show is incredible! The prices there all tend to be sale prices. So off we go! 

Now I have done my share of boat shows over the years, since 1990 my first Boat Show, I’ve probably been 10 to 12 times, but only on the West Coast. The Vancouver show 4 or 5 times, the Victoria show twice, the Seattle show twice and recently the Long Beach show in California. But the Miami show rules! There is no way we could possibly do this show in a day. Boater Paradise...

There is so much to do, see, learn, try, eat, drink, tour, play, hear, you name it!

There are 3 locations with 2 in water shows, a huge convention center with 2 levels, and 4 or 5 huge outdoor tent venues. EVERYTHING is here! EVERYTHING. 

If you need something for a boat of any type, it is here. A boat of any size, it is here. There are classes and seminars to educate, there are outdoor green spaces with stages and free live music. There are food trucks where you can find something amazing to eat. Beer seems to be sold at every corner. Celeberities are doing appearances and signing autographs. Kids are fishing in tanks filled with real live fish and every company that makes anything marine is here ready to answer questions. 

There were things I didn't even think existed here. This is one amazing boat show.

I was in Paradise!




Iridium GO  https://www.iridium.com/products/Iridium-GO.aspx           

This is the latest and greatest in Satellite communication. This is the Iridium GO.

The GO is a Satellite WiFi Hotspot that allows you to connect to the Internet, make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages all by using the Satellite Network and your iPhone, your iPad or even your computer. Using this little unit we can download all the Weather information needed from anywhere in the world!

Now don't expect a fast connection, think Dial up speeds, but when in the middle of no where and needing a weather update, this little thing is invaluable. We picked one up for $800. A subscription varies in price but seems the best bet is the yearly subscription at $720 per year. This should allow enough Data usage to keep us up to date with weather info for the year, 500 minutes calling to a landline and 3000 outgoing text messages, incoming are unlimited. There is more to the plan and you can view it here http://www.bluecosmo.com/iridium-go/rate-plans

We will now be just a phone call away : )







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