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Weather Window

February 22, 2015

I’m out of commission. All the Boat Show stuff arrived, we have been pushing ourselves a little too hard for a little too long these past days trying to get the boat ready to leave, and now it is showing up in my health. 


My back has become unbearable with pain and my work has come to a halt.

I can’t do anything and have been laid up in bed literally for the past few days. I’m typing from bed. I don’t think I have ever been in this much pain for so long or felt so weak with pain.

We have had quite a lot of cold weather here in Southern Florida lately, actually the whole Eastern part of the country has been in a deep freeze for weeks and it has filtered down here. In fact we have been in the 40’s F at night all week, not too comforatable when sleeping in a Sailboat without heat or decent insulation.

But now the weather has turned and a “weather window” for crossing the Gulf Stream has presented itself. Too bad we're not ready, either physically or as far as our Catamaran list of must do’s goes. If this window stays for the week then maybe we will be able to take advantage of it. Good news is I am feeling better today, better than I have over the past week. Krista has been working steadily on her things but mine have been halted. If I continue feeling better, than soon I will be up and going and so will the boat!

This is what a Weather Window looks like on a weather map. This is the surface wind forecast for tomorrow around noon. The map shows the Surface Wind in knots.

Each little "feather" on the weather arrows denotes 5 knots of wind. These arrows need to flow from the South and not from the North. If they flow from the North they collide with the Gulf Stream traveling from the South. The result is large waves and confused seas and an uncomfortable crossing. This is probably the main reason why Cruisers fear the Gulf Stream crossing, it has the potential to be a long and nasty day.

This particular weather map shows Monday Feb 23 at 1800 UTC time, light winds approximately 0-5 knots and coming from the South, thus flowing with the Gulf Stream. A Perfect day to cross! Sadly we will miss it and will have to wait for another one.





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