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Georgetown, Great Exuma

March 19, 2015

We had heard people say “It's easy to get stuck in GeorgeTown" but why?

Here are some of the things we’ve enjoyed in this fun little place in the sun.

Back in B.C. when Spring and Summer arrives, and I know I can speak for almost all of Canada, we are busy. Busy little Beavers. But when the heat and the sunshine of Summer really gets going, we’re even busier! We all want to take advantage of all the things that the warm sunny weather brings. 

Here in GeorgeTown (sorry to say to our friends back home) everyday has been warm and sunny and everyday seems busy.

Days always start with an interesting live Cruiser's forum called “ The Net”, hosted by a wonderful lady named Sue on the VHF radio, channel 68.

She is punctual, cheerful and sharp as a tack, volunteering her time everyday.

I’m sure any cruisers reading this that have been to Georgetown lately will agree. She is exceptional.

The “Net” is a way for all the boats at anchor here to connect on many different levels. It starts with a call out to all cruisers in the area that may be dealing with an emergency issue.

One day a poor fellow had suffered a detached retina. He was in pain, we could tell, and his call out was to see if there happened to be an Optometrist among the cruisers at anchor here.

Turns out there was and the "Net" connected them. He was diagnosed onboard his boat and quickly air lifted to Nassau for help. Crazy and wonderful how this boaters community system works.

The “Net” continues with community announcements, a kind of a bulletin board of social activities reporting on just what socail activities are being hosted or organised and where.

One day a pot luck appetizer get together on Sand Dollar Beach was in the works. It was set for 5 pm on Sand Dollar beach, a beach jst down from the main anchorage. I'm guessing but I would say probably 60 to 70 people showed up, everyone bringing somethign special to share, including sharing their life experiences.

What a wonderful thing to be a part of.



Cruisers Appetizer Pot Luck 


Or how about Easter!? We helped organize an Easter Scavenger Hunt as well as egg painting, cake, balloons and snacks for the cruising kids!




Easter for the Cruising Kids

Easter for the Kids! 


Community Announcements are followed up by a Weather Forecast, then it's Local Business Announcements, Questions, Comments or anyone in need of a helping hand. Then we move onto Buy Sell or Trade. So many get in on this. We almost bought an SSB receiver for our boat but it was snapped up quickly. I’ve heard of outboard motors, USB memory sticks, anchors with chain, bicycles, fuel both propane and diesel to name just a few of the things cruisers put up for grabs.

The “Net” continues with a time for New Arrivals and Departures to annouce their plans. This is an opportunity for new comers to be welcomed and those leaving to be bid Farewell.

Finally, it is all wrapped up with a 'Thought for the Day’. Then everyone goes back to the communtity channel, the “Party Line channel”, channel 68. This is the channel we all monitor all day and use often to call out to each other. Here we connect and quickly move on to another VHF channel to contiune the discussions we’ve started. Sometimes it’s so busy on channel 68 it’s hard to find free air space for a call out.

All in all it’s quite an interesting half hour and feels a bit like listening to the morning news while enjoying your miorning cup of coffee. 

After the “ Net” is over we on Saltair 3 follow up with 3-4 hours of school work and maybe some different repairs or maintenance needed to our floating home including cleaning or laundry. Somedays we postpone school work and chores for maybe some morning yoga, or a morning swim, or a local hike, either way we usually get some exercise in.

The 3 of us are slim and trim these days and sporting a healthy looking tan.



Filling the Jerry Jugs with drinking water


There are many hikes and trails throughout Stocking Island or Great Exuma Island, there’s even a map helping us find most of them, and many more snorkeling spots.

In this post I have barley touched on what GeorgeTown and Great Exuma have to offer.

We do have a Youtube video of our time spent in this magical place... see below


 More on Georgetown in the next Post : )



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