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We're back on the Boat!

September 18, 2015


We are safe and sound in Fort Lauderdale at Cooleys on the New River!

Below is Sailing Catamaran Saltair 3 at Cooleys New River docks, 7th avenue bridge is  in the background.

 Arial shot of Cooleys New River docks. That's the 7th Avenue bridge and that Catamaran on the left, second boat up from the bridge, is us.


We arrived to the boat very late and in some serious pouring rain! There has been a flood warning issued for all of lower Florida and we can sure see why!

Thunder. Lightning. and torrential rain down pours!

But... it's 90F in the day, 75F at night and we LOVE it! That's 30C for our Canuck friends  : )


After waiting almost an hour on the sidewalk at the ariport just to get our rental car shuttle pick up, we were shuttled to the rental location. Here at just after midnight, we were given our rental car.

We drove to where the boat is moored at the residence in Fort Lauderdale on the canal. Leaving most of our luggage in the rental car we ran to get aboard without getting soaked only to find that we didn’t have a key and had forgot to ask where the spare may have been stored.

Because Saltair 3 had been up for sale there was a lock box on the steering wheel.

We could hear a key jingling around inside, but we didn’t have the combination. Our broker did but we didn’t have a U.S. phone yet and it was now after 1 am in the morning.

So we jumped into the rental car and drove to find a pay phone hoping to call him and really hoping he would wake up and answer.

No payphone anywhere! Arrgghhhh we were all exhausted and it was dark and rainy.

We decide to go into one of only a few of the businesses open at that time of night, Subway!

Krista went inside to ask if they had a phone or even a wifi code we could use. She must have looked wet and tired and a little weird because they looked back and talked to her like she was on drugs looking for her dealer! Weird. 

They couldn’t help us, but did tell her to go to the hospital…. I know right, the hospital!? She realy must have looked weird. Lol!

They said she could use a phone or even get free wifi there.

Off to find the hospital we went and sure enough, free wifi!

We called James, no answer, we texted James, no reply. Oh boy we were going to have to find a hotel (none in this area) or sleep in the car. Krista said “In the car!” Finding a hotel at that time of night, in the area that we were in would probably have taken hours and it was now 2 am!

By accident while still in the Emergency area of the Hospital, I “FaceTimed” James on the iPad

 and low and behold… he answered, welcomed us back to Fort Lauderdale and gave us the lock box code, we were Golden!


Back to the boat and straight to bed. 

In the morning we were all deep in sleep when a Bang Bang Bang on the side of the boat “Brad are you there”? (read aloud in a high pitched voice!)

Again Bang Bang Bang on the side of the hull. “ Brad, Brad, are you there!?” Barely coherent and eyes still closed Krista said back "yes we are… " yet again BANG, BANG, BANG!

Krista managed to make it up to the cockpit where our docklord (Landlord) was standing on the dock. After all the banging, docklord just wanted to say hi, and will you be leaving soon. You see docks in residential areas are forbidden to host overnighters or liveabords. Bummer.


It is now Thursday and we just finished making our way up the New River to Cooleys Landing City docks. On the way we went through a few CRAZY Thunder and lighting storms with more torrential blinding rain to finally get to where we needed to be.

We docked with ease in a slack tide and we all worked together to get Saltair 3 tied safely to the dock just as the rain POURED down again.


Now we have paid up our moorage until the end of the month, and are heading to the airport to pick up Jame's second car he has geneourously offered to loan, and we will return our rental tomorrow. But first its off to Costco for some groceries etc and a fun Friday night. I know, Costco on a Friday night for fun!? We're still a little over tired in our decision making. 

Tomorrow is supposed to bring similar weather to today but a little drier so we may take Cole to the beach. He is going crazy with excitement to try out his Ocean skim board again. If it isn’t nice tomorrow then we will try again Sunday.

We may even do a little tour of the Everglades before we start our full time work on the boat come Monday. Monday the tradesmamn that helped us before is going to come and help me (Brad) install the new water maker! Yay! 

We’ve got quite a list of to do’s and things to buy before we head out to the Bahamas and beyond again. 

So stay tuned and we will keep you posted.

Have you checked out www.marinetraffic.com yet? Our latest position will be posted there for you to see. I am hoping to get a new Video up asap but the Water Maker install may put that off for a few days.

K gotta run Cole is anxious as the rain has stopped and he wants to rip it up on his skate board for a bit before we head to the airport to get the car and then to Costco.

Internet is EXTREMELY slow, it takes alomost 5 minutes for each page to load. I've read 2 magazines while waiting this moring. Aggghhhh! I can only imagine what upoading a video will be like...


From Fort Lauderdale.

Brad, Krista and Cole!


 Cole and his Skim Board at Dania Beach



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