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The Exumas... the Jewel Necklace of the Bahamas

October 30, 2015

We have made it down the Exumas chain of cays to Elizabeth Harbour at Great Exuma Island.

Allens Cay was as usuall amazing. I have a video to post of the beauty of this place that I'm trying to do right now as I type.

We tried to hunt for Lobster while we were at anchor there. I've heard this is an easy thing to do. "Get yourself a tickle stick" I've been told "and a net and go get em!" Ya right! 

You've got to find them first. The three of us climbed into the dinghy and headed out for what looked like Lobster hang out spots. 

We dropped the dinghy anchor and put on our new masks and snorkel gear, FYI if you're going to be here for any amount of time, forget the Costco mask and snorkel kits, although it's great for those Mexico vacations, a decent $100 mask is what you need. 

Now what is a tickle stick? Simlpy a 4 foot long stick of fibreglass used to "tickle" the Lobster out of it's hole, with the net ready it is supposed to zip it's way into it! Gotcha! Sounds easy.

I've yet to try it. Lol. We spent 3 hours in the water hunting all around the coral and rocks of Allans cay looking for even one single Lobster. Not one to be seen.

Why is this so hard? Conch were everywhere though and we LOVE Conch! They are a beautifully shelled animal and we feel guilty taking any so we took just two. The conch salad that Krista prepared was amazing and with the $300 U.S. dollar mandatory Bahamas fishing license we had to catch something.


So after spending sometine at Allans Cay we learnt that we had some heavy weather coming our way. The Forecast said Gale Force winds of 35 knots from the East. We wanted to be protected from the East and have our anchor perfectlyand securely set before anything came our way.


We motor sailed to Warderick Wells http://exumapark.org/CaysinExumaPark/WarderwickWells/tabid/59/Default.aspx 

and after the anchor was down and set we enjoyed an afternoon of swimming, exploring by dinghy and snorkeling around the beautiful Exumas Land and Sea Park. Then we headed back to the Cat and hunkered down as the winds grew and grew. Nothing like what a Hurricane can throw your way but Gale Force is best weathered from a protected anchorage with a heavy anchor.




Four days we were to be there, never leaving the boat becuase a dingy ride would have been treacherous and crazy let alone getting it down from the Davits and into the water first.

It was going to be a great time to get some boat projects done, some good home schooling in and a few new videos finished.

Once the Storm had passed Squalls still persisted. We had a small weather window and decided we would pull up anchor and head to another anchorage. We did just that but after about 30 minutes of the rough seas outside of the anchorage we turned around and headed back. It was way too rough still and we weren't in a hurry to get anywhere. So we dropped the anchor again and sat tight for two more days.

Have you ever pulled up anchor in a rough anchorage with too much wind? Not an easy thing or rahter a smart thing to do. I've done it before on my previous Hunter 356 and I ruined the anchor roller doing it. I thought I would have learnt my lesson. Oh well that was a few years back wasn't it Ken Penner...? Lol



Next stop; Big Majors Spot home of the Swimming Polka dotted Pigs where we pick up Krista's mom Ann Soucie.


Remember to check out our YouTube channel for the video I am trying so hard to upload right now. It's now been 4 hours sitting on a picnic table waiting for the upload to finish and it looks like another 2 hours to go.... but as they say down here..." Soon Come Mahn... Soon Come..."




Thanks for reading!








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