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What a Stormy night!

November 27, 2015

Last night the frontal system that has had the whole harbour on pins and needles finally passed us by, again.


Why again?

This system came down from the North as the fronts here do, and then stalled out near Turks and Caicos and it began moving back up North towards us! It has been messing with us here at Georgetown for the past 3 days bringing strong winds and large seas everyday, but last night it got worse and walked right up through the anchorage. I was awake most of the night worried, as 42 knots of wind swept over us and all the other surrounding boats.

The Net operator (VHF channel 68 at 8 am) broadcast all day long that it was coming and to secure your self and your boat as best you could because it could bring winds up to 50 knots!

I am sure the other anchorages weren't spared the 50 knots of wind! The only reason we saw 42 knots and not 50 + was becuase we took our secure spot early, here at Monumnet behind the mountain. 

I felt as though we were on an amusement park ride for most of the night. The motion of the boat swinging at anchor made our stomachs feel weightless and our heads dizzy as we swung back and forth on the anchor bridal attached to the anchor chain.

The rains were crazy and the lightening spectacular. I used my GoPro to video the action of the dark night. You won't see the seas and the wind whipping it all up but you will hear the anxiousness in my voince and the howling 45 knots of wind!

Today however is a bit different story.

The seas are just one foot and the winds just 10 to 15 knots, remants of the passing front, and, the SUN is shining! Finally! Our battery bank relies heavily on Solar power with 980 watts of Solar panels. We weren't in any need of serious recharging with our Lithium Ion batteries being only 55% when we went to bed and this morning 45%, but it's nice to see them topping up again after 4 days of clouds and rain.

We're going to blow off school work and boat chores this moring in favour of a hike and exploration of the Atlantic side of the Island. We can hear the large waves crashing on it's shores and very are curious to see it.

Yesterday's temperatures never reached 80F but today I'm sure will be a differnet story.

As I type now I notice that the winds and seas are growing, again, but the sun is still shining and we've got to cure our cabin fever so must get going! 

Latest forecast just in; winds still up to 28 knots today and continuing. Sun still shining!

Net controller just told us the winds at Georgetown anchorage hit 56 knots last night!


Moral of this story... You can handle 50 knots of wind while at anchor if you prepare properly. 

1. Find the best protected spot from the forecast winds, behind a hill and anchored in sand if possilble.

2. Upgrade you anchor to as large as you've seen recommened. We used to have a 45 lb CQR and now have a 65 lb Mantus with 3/8 high tensile steel chain and a Mantus anchor bridal. We were fine but a little concerned








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