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Copy of an email to Friends & Family

December 1, 2015


We’re safe and sound and still here at Georgetown


The weather has been very windy, stormy and cool here for a long time now

A cold front moved down from Florida and brought with it lots of strong winds, then it went by and us and slowly came back up. 

Everybody here hunkered down while everyday and night the winds went wild and the rains poured! Some boats in more exposed anchorage (we found early on, a perfect spot snug up behind monument beach where we were quite fine) saw winds of 60 knots! 

We saw winds of almost 50knots! Most we have ever been in! 

These were only gusts and not sustained winds, but 60 is very high! Gale force! Our new 65 lb Mantus brand anchor held STRONG though! Seems the strongest winds are always in the dark of night.

Nobody’s anchors dragged well maybe we heard of one, and now everybody is emerging out from their boats and the fun is just starting again.


The temperatures were somedays as low as 74F We’ve been sleeping with PJ’s on and blankets and sheets, all tucked in as the wind howled outside and spun our boat around! 

When the boat spins at anchor because of the wind it feels like we are on an amusement park ride! We get the weirdest weightlessness feeling and then a yank as the opposite bridal line catches up with it’s partner. Weird and a little unnerving at first but we are now used to it. 

We didn’t sleep very well for the week worrying about the anchor at night. The daytime is fine because obviously we are awake and other boats are around and visible and we all keep an eye on each other, more for our own safety than the other boats, but both are on our minds.


The rains were crazy tropical rains and we didn’t leave the boat for 3 days, on the fourth day we just had to brave the large waves that the winds had whipped up and go to shore even just to stretch or legs and let Cole rip it up on the beach for an hour or more.

We did do a new hike to the Atlantic side on the fifth day as the sun shine peaked out. Wow was it crazy over there! The waves were 15 to 20 feet high crashing onto shore! 

We didn’t dare go down to shore (we were up on a hill looking down) for fear of getting swept away. We got some great video of it and you will love seeing it.


We are the farthest away boat, here at monument (safest spot) so we plan on moving closer today. Our parts STILL havent showed up and we’re anxious to get them as boat after boat begin to leave for Turks and Caicos or other points South.

We met a really nice Aussie man yesterday. He’s a pilot and a boat delivery captain and a diesel engineer by his admission. He has generously offered to spend sometime in our engine room with Brad and give a second opinion on what might be our port engine's issue. 

That will be nice and then when the part arrives we can get to work and get it fixed!

We’re thinking of Sailing the South coast of Cuba and onto Mexico, then down to Belize, Guatemala and Honduras then Panama. We would miss the Islands of the windward and leeward chain as well as Columbia but more importantly we would miss Venezuela which is know for their acts of piracy. Being in Mexico would make it very easy for friends, family to come visit! Lol


We’re still undecided and confused so we won’t be making any decisions until more research is done and our part is installed in the engine with both engines running well.

We had an electrical issue with the Starboard side but after spending a few hours there the problem is solved and running better than ever! Amazing how a few hours and some trouble shooting can make things a world better.

There is a really nice Lagoon 450 here with a man we met in Florida, we had drink with him while we were there. 

He has a 10 year old daughter that is coming to sail with him for a few weeks. She is very cute and as adventurous as Cole, same long blonde hair. Together he and his daughter are going to sail the southern coast of Cuba and invited us along to join them. They want to leave a little later than us, so not sure how that looks. But Cole was excited to hear about that as well as us


Cole had a great time yesterday!

We brought our boating fun tube with us from Canada and pulling it behind the dinghy we took him tubing for hours! He was squealing with delight as we ripped up and down and all around the anchorage! All the other boats know Cole well and were out on their boats cheering him as went ripped by. Then we headed over to ChatnChill to check out a floating trampoline that an anchored mega yacht had left in front of ChatnChill. We wanted to see if any kids were using this cool water trampoline and slide.

There were 2 young kids, not too exciting for Cole, but Delano, Cole’s Bahamian friend (11 years old and son of Chat n Chill owners) was there and it was his Birthday! Cole was invited to join the party and sit inside Chat n Chill and have cake and sing happy birthday to Delano! I think Delano was quite excited to have Cole there because he asked Cole to sit right next to him and kept putting his arm around Cole and Cole would reciprocate. So cute to see the two of them bonding and having fun together! Cole offered Delano, as a birthday gift, a ride on his tube around the harbour pulled by us in the dinghy! 

Delano was so excited to do this! So we towed both of them around in front of chat n chill and they both had a blast! But it was a little slow with two boys onboard and Delano’s other friend couldn’t come. So we headed back to the beach to unload one kid.


Then the mega yacht staff and owners of the water trampoline and slide saw what was going on and as we approached the beach with the boys still in our tube, the staff (Philippine guys) wandered over to ask if we wanted them to get their BIGGER tube ready and tow all the kids. Their tube was onboard the mega yacht but they would call ahead and have the other staff blow it up and get it ready. All the kids we excited about this and shortly the mega dinghy with the mega tube returned and all the kids went for a ride and had Mega Fun!

We made them all wear life jackets for this one!

They were out there until after dusk! Everyone at Chat n Chill had left for dinner on their boats except for Brad and Krista. Finally as the sun disappeared, we got into our dinghy and went and retrieved Cole! He then climbed into our tube and we towed him back to Saltair 3 as it slowly got darker. Then, back here he still didn’t want to get out! 

Great day for him, he fell fast asleep after dinner and it’s 0900 am and he is still in bed! 

Day off from school today because of how much work he got done last week during the storms and without a break.


So we are all good here now that the sun is shinning again and the temps are starting to warm up. The water temperature is below 79F we have never seen it that cold. Public pools at home are warmer at 82F!


K gotta run, the diesel engineer is on his way over soon and we have to move Saltair 3 closer to his anchorage to make it easier for him to find us.


love you! xoxo

Sorry with the Storm our internet was wiped out here! It did come on sporadically but it is such a pain sitting here waiting and waiting for it to reconnect and each time having to retry again and again… so frustrating and such a time waster! It literally takes hours to get a simple email done or a Blog Post up, but finally it seems we are getting reconnected with out quite so many drop offs of the signal, hence this newsy email! 


New Video this week we hope, depending on our internet as always : (  






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