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December 1, 2015

Well new NEWS on the engine part wait.

I guess it can be summed up in one word “Patience”

It’s December 1st today and we have almost been waiting exactly a month!

I oredered the part, a Diesel fuel injector on November 2nd just days after arriving here in Elizabeth Harbour aka Georgetown, Great Exuma, and I am still waiting.

But things have changed slightly.

While hanging out here with the other boaters, doing what you do here in Georgetown, we met an Australian guy that has been doing this sailing thing since he was a young man and he’s now 60. He’s got so many stories it’ll make your head spin! We met on the beach at Chat n Chill and listened to him for what seemed like hours as he told salty tale after salty tale.

What an interesting guy! We have to have him over for drinks and snacks.


Turns out he not only is a delivery captain for yachts and a pilot of planes, he is a Diesel Engineer! aka Diesel Mechanic!

This came up as we told him our story, and that we were here at anchor waiting for an engine part. Conversation continued and he began to ask if he could do anything for us or at least have a look at our engine. Of course we would LOVE him to come see what is going on.

Still can't believe how things in this life just work themselves out. I hope our time sailing will ingrain that in my head more and more as time goes on. You'd think at 47 I would get it by now... I'm learning now that it will be this life that will make it real...


Well he came by yesterday and the prognosis is different than I had thought. Not better, maybe worse, but different. He doesn’t believe that the injectors are bad, rather that the engine needs a top end rebuild, (bad news) but that it can wait for a few months (good news).

The injector seems fine (bad news, I've just paid for the one that's shipping to me)

The low pressure return lines (small metal pipes that carry fuel to and from the engine) have a small crack in them. This is where the fuel is leaking from. He recommends I replace those lines sooner rather than later. While removing the low pressure lines he believes that I will unavoidably crack the high pressure lines and that I should order and replace both.

I guess these new parts I need to order will have me waiting again, but maybe not...


Funny and annoying thing is, an email just came into my INBOX announcing the arrival of the much anticipated engine part. My fuel injector is now here in Georgetown and can be picked up and paid for at the grocery store anytime!  [side note: Grocery Store?]

Arrgghh I don’t need it anymore! I now need high and low pressure fuel return lines!

Are we ever going to set sail South!?

Slow down I say to myself, re-read upper paragrapgh regading how things work themsevles out.


I don't believe that things happen for a reason, but rather that when things do happen they can work themselves out if you put in the required effort.

Caveat here is: The trick is to know when the required effort has been made and when it's time to back off and let things be. You can drive yourself crazy if you don't.


I think we will let things be today and go for a cool hike together : )


It's Decemeber 1st, Krista and Cole are talking about putting up our little Christmas tree in the next few days. I guess we’re going to grow roots here at anchor in Georgetown.

Well, there could be worse places to spend Christmas.

Anyone want to join us?




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