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Adventures in the Dominican Republic - Part One - The Gringo Motorcycle Gang

February 22, 2016


I know I already shared our review of Luperon but as I was going through our pictures of the Dominican Republic I realized there are way too many other awesome things to tell you about before moving on.  We really loved the DR so the last post can’t be the only one about this amazing country. 


After spending 7 weeks in this country we saw a lot and when I say we saw a lot I mean, we saw some things that we have never seen before. All of them making this place even more interesting and endearing to us.


We arrived in Luperon only days before Christmas and while it didn’t resemble anything you would expect from a Christmas back home in Canada and the US it definitely had its virtues. The small town of Luperon slowly swelled with family members returning from all over the country to spend the holidays together. This is a time for the locals to get together and enjoy some family time. I guess that is similar to what we know but the difference is the simplicity of it all. There is no huge deal made about gifts and shopping, some houses had a few modest decorations but no christmas trees. We are in the Caribbean after all so pine trees are not the norm. The emphasis is on hanging out, listening to music, eating and playing dominoes or even a fun game of baseball. Of course lots of rum and beer go along with this too. In preparation of the big meals we would see huge 500 lbs pigs go ripping down the road wrapped in a burlap sack and strapped to a moped, all the while squeeling like crazy. Clearly the pig wasn’t as excited about the holidays. This wasn’t a rare occasion since BBQ’d pork is the main dish. You could feel the festivities with people hanging around in the streets in front of their homes just socializing and enjoying life. It felt good to be around town. As we walked the streets we could smell the pork roasting, hear loud festive music and the locals all greeted us with big smiles.


One of the bbq stands in town. 


Once the holiday festivities had passed we were ready for some adventures. We had met a group of expat locals at one of the gathering spots in town and were invited to join them on a motorcycle ride. They knew all the good spots and were excited to show us around. Cole was all over this idea! He has grown up riding dirt bikes and with seeing all the locals riding around he said it was driving him crazy. He was dying to ride too, so the thought of a motorcycle road trip was right up his alley. Our new friend, Bob hooked us up with a local that would rent us a couple of reliable bikes. Brad would double me and Cole would follow behind us with me watching like a hawk. I’ll admit that I was nervous at the idea of Cole riding his own bike at first but after a few practice runs up and down one of the quiet streets in town my confidence was boosted. Cole is a good rider and I knew he could do it. Our friends Bob and Georgette would lead with their granddaughter Sky following then Trio ( us ). B.A and Fran would bring up the rear. We were a real gang! lol Maybe not quite a gang but we did get attention as we rode. Its not everyday that you see a group of gringos cruising the roads of the Dominican Republic by motorcycle!


Cole rides a motorcycle in the Dominican Republic. This is one stoked kid!



When ever we travel we always try to do as the locals do, not so much to blend in because with our white skin and blonde hair we aren’t fooling anyone. Its more to get as much out of the culture as we can. It seems that the locals receive you better when you are in interested in them, and we definitely are. By riding motorcycles through the small towns and villages we were greeted with such enthusiasm. Locals would smile and wave and be eager to make conversations to find out our story and welcome us to their country. When they saw Cole riding he would even get cheered on. 


 The Gringo Gang! Hardly your typical biker gang. Lol !


We rode slow through the back roads with our posse to a great spot called El Castillo. This is where Christopher Columbus’ ship the Santa Maria sank just off shore. What a cool field trip for our homeschool education. Easy to remember your history when you get to experience it first hand. 


Once at the beach we enjoyed a bbq chicken and pork lunch with some cold drinks all for the sweet price of $ 8 for the 3 of us. 


 All our motorcycles parked at the beach for lunch how sweet is that ?


The ride itself was fantastic with slow meandering roads that would wind their way past one small community to another. People would be sitting outside their cute little homes all painted in bright caribbean colours. Dogs would lay in the road in the shade, maybe lifting their lazy heads as we would ride past. Kids would run along side as Cole went past. The scenery was breathtaking and so much better to see from the fresh open air view of a motorcylce. This was awesome! We were seeing the DR for what it truly is not what the tourist industry thinks we want to see. 


We made many pit stops along the way. Somewhere between El Castillo and Luperon. 


On the way back we stopped off at a roadside stand to have a local snack of fresh cooked pork rinds and wow! This tastes so good! Let me just say that it puts bacon to shame. My mouth is watering just writing about it. It’s found pretty much everywhere along the road and you can get 1lb for about $ 3. Did I mention it goes great with a cold $ 2 Presidente, the local beer. 


Would you stop here for a snack? Fresh pork rinds ! Deee-lish! 


Eating our roadside pork rind snacks at the side of the road. Perfect! 


This was such a great ride and at only $10 a day to rent the motorcycle we decided to keep them for one more day and venture a little farther the next day. Back up early to meet the gang, this time heading for Punta Rocia. Punta Rocia is another beautiful seaside spot to enjoy an afternoon. There were many food stands lining the beach all serving up various seafood and local food. Each stand had a number of huge cast iron pots boiling over open fire, cooking up some tasty dishes. You could get yourself a lobster plate for about $14 fresh cooked complete with rice, beans and coleslaw. We tried the seafood salad and fried plantains. Yum!


 Fresh seafood lunch on the beach. Now this is the life !


 Cooking up local dishes with a cast iron pot over the open flame in Punta Rocia, DR


 Punta Rocia, North Coast of Dominican Republic, great spot for lunch.


As we rode with the wind in our face I found ourselves soaking the flavour of this country. It feels natural, simple and unspoiled. I think we filled the GoPro with 2 cards of footage and could have kept filming, so stay tuned for that video on our YouTube channel at Trio Travels. I would highly recommend touring this country on a motorcycle, you won’t be disappointed.



Life is for livin'


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