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The Reality of Zika Virus !

July 11, 2016

Zika Virus doesn't make for happy crew!


So, of course since we are cruising the Caribbean we have heard about the Zika Virus, a mosquito borne illness. We have even had family and friends send us links on outbreak news. We read about some of the effects and to be honest never really thought too much about it. That will never get us, as long as your not pregnant nothing to worry about right? WRONG! 


Brad and I both got the Zika Virus and let me just tell you that it sucks!

Lucky thing is that Cole was spared! Fewh! The weird thing is that we think we could even pick out which mosquitoes got us. Like doing a line up at the cop station of the culprits. These little specimens seemed skinnier than regular mosquitoes and kind of dumb. No really they weren’t as smart as other mozzies, they were easy to kill because they seemed slower and they would land in plain sight. Maybe they were high on their own Zika.

We were anchored close to shore for a few nights while in Cariacou with very little wind making it too hot not to leave our hatches and windows open.

In came the little Zika loaded bugs-gers to bite us as we slept. We thought about putting bug spray on but didn’t want to get it on our sheets, which in hindsight sounds ridiculous but hey, we all do dumb things.


So now here we are with the Zika Virus. We read about the symptoms online and found out the following: headache, fever, pain behind the eyes, conjunctivitis ( red eyes ) joint pain, muscle pain, a red rash and vomitting. We ended up with all but one of these symptoms. Lucky for us we didn’t get the vomitting.

It hit me first and really the first couple of days I just thought that I had a sore back, so Brad and I went for a nice walk through town and later a swim to try and loosen up. After that a wicked headache started that felt like my brain was too big for my skull, it all went down hill from there.

The rash showed itself on my stomach at first and I didn’t think much of it, until it spread everywhere. The rash is mildly itchy, just enough to be hot and irritating. But if all this wasn’t enough... on comes the joint pain.

For me this was the worst part, it got so bad in my hands, wrists and left knee and foot that I felt like a cripple. I had a hard time going up and down the stairs, even standing and holding things was a challenge.

After 5 days of strong symptoms I feel like I have turned the corner and am on the mend. Hopefully this is not just my positive attitude talking because this Zika has a way of coming in waves. One minute you feel like you are getting better and an hour later one of the symptoms has flared up again. 


 Zika Virus comes with this irritating red rash.


At this point there is no vaccine for the virus and the only recommended treatment is basic home treatment with Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen for the pain and fever along with plenty of fluids and rest. The medications seemed to help and provide some relief but not completely. We were sure to drink tons of water and get lots of rest and let the virus run its course. We are normally very healthy with strong immune systems, we just need to be patient.


In the end I think I won’t worry about getting bug spray on the sheets, I will spray myself before bed on those windless nights, because getting sick is no fun. That said the scare that the media puts into our minds about this virus had us really worried about what it had in store. There’s no doubt that it is uncomfortable and I don’t wish it on anyone, you do get better, and from what we read, it doesn’t have any long term effects.


Zika Virus is not really the souvenir you want to take from the Caribbean, so spray up people! There is too much fun to be had to waist our time with Zika! 



Life is for Livin’


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