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Highlights of the British Virgin Islands

September 18, 2016

 BVIs are not just for the Charter Boats.


Wow! We made it to the British Virgin Islands! This is one of those places that makes you stop and say to yourself “ Woah! I can’t believe we just sailed ourselves to the Virgin Islands.” I mean each destination is a “WOW” but maybe it’s because the Virgin Islands are just so well known that it seems to have more of an impact. Either way we were so excited to arrive, it was like going on vacation, which sounds totally ridiculous considering our current lifestyle! lol But hey, everyone around us is on vacation so it’s bound to rub off right?


 First stop on the BVIs, Jost Van Dyke.


We were introduced to the BVI’s with our first stop being at Jost Van Dyke on St. Patricks day and a visit to Foxy’s Bar. This is one of the many famous beach bars in the BVI circuit. We enjoyed a rum punch and a wee chat with Foxy himself! That guy is a character and if you get the privilege to meet him you’ll know what I mean.


 Cole gets to meet Foxy! Now this guys has some stories!


Jost Van Dyke is a super chill place with sandy roads and a slow pace vibe where you feel yourself walking slower and slower with each step. This is the place you want to clear customs in the BVIs because it is no problem mon’.  Other check in points take a more disciplined approach.


 This is the main street on Jost Van Dyke, BVI. No Rush hour here! 


Around the bay from Foxy’s is a sweet spot that gets little recognition, it’s called the bubbly pool. We anchored outside Foxy’s other place called Foxy’s Taboo and followed the trail to the pool. If you go early you will have the place to yourself and it is wonderful.


 The Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke, BVI


The waves crash at the mouth of the rocky opening and wash in to the mini beach pool leaving soft bubbly white water in its wake. I think we almost felt guilty to have it all to ourselves. If you go, be sure and head in before 11am to get the same exclusivity.


 It looks freaky when you see the waves coming in but then they turn to bubbles.


A mini sail away from the bubbly pool is the picturesque island of Green Cay. This is one of those places where screen savers and calendar pages are made! White sand, turquoise water and a few palm trees lining the island.


 Green Cay with Jost Van Dyke on the right and Tortola in the background.


In calm weather and seas, you can anchor here overnight, otherwise it is still a great day stop for a day at the beach. Once again the early bird gets the worm and we had the place to ourselves before noon. Are you seeing a pattern here? 


 Sunset, anchored at Green Cay on a calm night.


Of course there are so many great spots to check out in the British Virgin Islands, you could make several trips with different plans each time to see it all whether it be from a diving point of view, a beach bar tour to collect all the souvenir cups, a sailing regatta, the beautiful beaches or a combination of it all. You will notice a shift in boaters in these islands going from majority cruisers to majority charter boats.


 A small example of a crowded anchorage filled with charter boats, it actually filled by double at dusk.


Many cruisers seem to bypass the Virgins to avoid the potential chaos that the charter boats bring. Otherwise nicknamed the Credit Card Captain. For us it was our first time to this area and we decided to brave the gauntlet. With so many charter boats it can be difficult to find good anchorage and many places are mooring balls only. This can get expensive for the ever budget attentive cruiser so we seeked out a few anchorages were we could drop our own hook and minimise the fees. 


Lee Bay on the back side of Great Camanoe Island was a sweet find. Only three other boats in the bay and the water was crystal clear. This was one of those places that captured us to stay for a few extra days than planned and it felt so good. It was peaceful with beautifully rugged scenery of huge boulders surrounding the bay and pelicans dive bombing the fish surrounding the boat. We were so chilled out in this place that we forget to take pictures so you will just have to go see it for yourselves.


 The Lagoon at the Baths. If you get there early it feels so exclusive and wonderful.


No trip to the BVIs would be complete without a stop at the Baths. This is a must see for every age group.


 The Lagoon at the Baths before the tour groups arrive. Heaven!


The mooring balls are said to only be for day use but I’m pretty sure that rule is broken by most since we got one of the last moorings after getting up really early to be there first. You can decide if you are going to follow the rules or not but I must admit that if we are back in the BVI again we will be inclined to stay the night and bend a rule to do it. Even thought the anchorage was near full we still managed to be one of the first people on shore and it was worth it! The caves and tunnels were empty of tourists on our way through compared to our return trip through that was clogged with group after group.


Walking through the tunnels and under the enormous boulders at the Baths, BVI 


The water was crystal clear and the floor covered in soft white sand. The boulders are so enormous and appear to have been placed by hand to create the tunnels and caves. They are a true work of art and one of Mother Natures finer works. This is a great spot to spend the day.


 Check out these boulders! How did they get here?


To see more of the Baths check out our video on YouTube called The Baths the BVIs. Here is the link https://youtu.be/Ld9tsNnb3c8



Life is for Livin’


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