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Oh Wow, Carnival !

September 24, 2016

 Love the colour explosion!


What Caribbean tour would be complete without witnessing a Carnival? The answer to that is none! We were lucky enough to be in St. Maarten for Carnival  in April and when I say that I’m not just talking about a one day affair. Carnival runs for a full month in St. Maarten. Throughout the month you can visit the Carnival village and sample some local food and take in a concert from one of the local artists. These are held on the weekends and are big parties with LOUD music.


This is one wide eyed boy!  


There are the beauty pageants for all ages throughout the month. All these events are leading up to the grande finale of the Carnival Parade to wrap up the festivities. 


 The whole parade is one big beauty pageant!


 Right down to the shoes, every detail is coordinated.


If you are heading to St. Maarten we strongly recommend making every effort to be there for Carnival, it is fabulous! The parade is spectacularly loud and beautiful with music pumping from enormous speakers and gorgeous women lining and dancing their way down the streets in the spectacular Carnival costumes. The Costumes are hand made and change every year with new designers flaunting their ideas hoping to be noticed.


This group was a very elaborate Egyptian theme.


Every detail is considered from matching shoes and coordinating sunglasses to airbrushed body paint. It is a parade of beauty and I think it is almost a requirement for the women of St Maarten/Martin to participate because there were soooooooo many women parading the street it was unbelievable. The pride and celebration that goes on is infectious, the music is so loud, you can’t help but move your body.


 This Heineken Truck was piled sky high with speakers to keep the party pumpin' I think one truck would be enough but there were more like 5. You could feel the base from your insides out!


Check out the airbrushed body paint! Even her hair is purple! 


This parade is unlike any other parade we have ever been to. There are no cheesy pompom covered car dealership vehicles and businesses with lame banners throwing stale candies to the crowd. Oh no, this parade hands out beer and rum! Now we are talking! This is more like a party on the street that dances and jiggles its way down the european style streets.


 The sea of beautifully decorated women and men seemed to never stop.




Everyone has a smile on their face from the participants to the spectators and for the spectators be prepared to be WOWed! Ladies don’t give your husbands and boy friends a hard time for staring because we know you will be too! You can’t help yourself. It is a bootylicious display of every shape and size and everyone of them are gorgeous. 


 One beautiful Carnival Momma!


Whoop there it is! See I told you, you can't help but look! Way to go ladies. 


So enough writing, the pictures will tell you the rest. Enjoy! 


 JOY and Happiness!


 Hard to believe these costumes are made by hand each year!


 She looks like a queen!


 It was sooooo LOUD ! You will want to bring ear plugs!



Life is for Livin’


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