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Gorgeous Guadeloupe

October 18, 2016

 We found this enormous tree on one of the many trails of Guadeloupe.


I don’t know how they managed it, but the French seemed to have picked all the best Islands. I don’t know what’s up with Canada, but we don’t even have one tropical island to escape to and we suffer some of the worst winters in the world. We should almost have honorary admission to any of these islands just out of sympathy! lol No, but really Guadeloupe was a wonderful surprise since it was one of the islands that we had heard little about before we arrived. We had no expectations about what it would be like and found that it exceeded anything we could have imagined. It is gorgeous!


Another trail to explore, they are all over the island! 


We skipped the first bay at the north end of the island but managed to see it when we rented a car. The roads are wide with modern with two lane highways traversing the island making it easy to explore. We rented a car for only $25/day US and took full advantage. We had Saltair 3 at the dock for some engine repair and while we waited for the mechanics to get to the job we had time to do some touring. 


Saltair 3 tied up "Med Style" at Marina Bas Du Fort, Guadeloupe. 


The forests are incredible with the most enormous foliage and beautiful wild flowers we have seen yet. The island is littered with hiking trails of all degrees of difficulty. Just by getting off the main roads you will find some of these trails that go way up into the hills. Be sure and bring some proper hikers if you want to give them a go, flip flops aren’t going to cut it. 


The trails are beautiful but most require proper footwear. We got lucky with this one and could wear our sandals and flip flops. 


 We even got to enjoy a fresh water swim during mid day after a hike.


The Marina was a treat and it was the first time that we had tied off Med style. The Staff at Marina Bas Du Fort were very helpful and professional. We told them we were only running on one engine so they were right there to help us get into our slip. I must say tying Med style has its benefits, with no finger docks along side the boat you don’t get that retched squeaking from the fenders in the middle of the night. Yay! That is the worst!


The promenade that connects to the Marina, lined with restaurants and shops. 


The main dock was nice and wide and it joined the seawall promenade that followed the shoreline filled with shops and restaurants. Cole was happy to be able to wiz around on solid ground with his scooter and we were able to use our scooters to go back and forth to the chandlers. Oh and don’t forget being able to pick up fresh baguettes first thing in the morning. Ah, you gotta love the French Islands! Did I say that already? loI


 Cole takes advantage of terra firma !


The problem with finding some of these great islands is that eventually you have to move on. So next stop Dominica!


Life is for Livin’


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