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What? There’s another French Island!

November 5, 2016


All I can say is Thank you Napoleon! 


The French Islands are a sweet treat as you cruise down the Windward Islands. Its not just the delicious cheese and baguettes but the old world european feel mixed with the modern world conveniences. These islands are a perfect blend. You get the tropical climate, Caribbean flavours, fine French food and comfortable infrastructure and amenities all on one Island. I guess the only down side that we can see is that there is a very big language barrier if you do not speak French. Lucky for us I do. Bonus! In fact it is pretty exciting because of all the French I learned in school. Funny thing is I had to sail all the way to the Caribbean to use it. Who would have thought! Even our travels in France didn’t require much French since English was so widely spoken. 


St. Pierre with Montagne Pelee in the backdrop. 


Our first stop in Martinique brought us to St Pierre. We fell in love with this little seaside French village. The old church and cobblestone streets with a backdrop of Montagne Pelee. This Volcano once obliterated the town back when it was in its hay day with a violent eruption that came with a powerful earthquake levelling most of the stone buildings. Anything else was wiped out by devastating gas that was so hot it incinerated every living being in the town except the one prisoner in jail. There are ruins throughout the town including the Catholic Cathedral and the Theatre. 


 The pediment of the Catholic church crashed down on the columns


Ruins of the Catholic Church. 


St. Pierre has a vibrant fresh market on the weekends with all varieties of produce along with a few local handicrafts. We spent a week in this sweet little spot with Saltair 3 anchored only a few meters from shore and its beautiful vintage backdrop.


 The weekend market is beautiful and colourful. We were loving all the fresh veg.


 The Market is very authentic and intended for the locals but is fabulous for us visitors too.


After St Pierre it was onto the bustling capital city of Fort De France. Here you will find a more metropolitan feel with the european influence. The shopping was fun and we made our way by foot through the city. After two days we were ready for another anchorage and found it in St. Anne. 


 Hotel De Ville, one of the old european style buildings in Fort De France.


 One of the pedestrian streets in Fort De France.


 Fort De France is a fun place to explore on foot with many shops and restaurants.


 Leaving the Capital City of Fort De France and heading for St. Anne


St. Anne is connected to another anchorage and boating hub called Le Marin. There are hundreds of boats between the two places, from cruisers to charter boats.


 Cole captains the Dinghy into Le Marin.


 There are hundreds of boats in Le Marin.


This is the perfect spot to take it easy for a while, you can get everything you need in Le Marin from boat parts and services to more awesome French food. We had a few friends with us while in St Anne.


 The Church in the square in St Anne.


 You can hike to the top of the hill in St. Anne for this lovely view.


There is lots to do from St. Anne, including a trail walk to this sweet beach.


 If only all the Islands had this amazing food to splurge on.


This is one of those places that you could really get some growth on the bottom of the keels. I can see why people came and never leave. If we didn’t have the continued quest to see new places and finish the Caribbean Islands chain, I think you might just find us hanging out here.


 Merci Martinique, until next time!




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