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Best Halloween Ever!

November 6, 2016


 Best Halloween Ever!


We love Halloween and when we lived on land we had all kinds of traditions we would do and an idea in our minds what it would be like, from carving pumpkins to dressing up and Trick or Treating. So now that we are living on a boat what does that mean for Halloween. First we would have to know where we would be. We had decided that Martinique would be a fun place to meet up with our friends to celebrate. Sounds perfect right? Well, Not only do they not speak English in Martinique, Halloween isn’t done with the same level of enthusiasm as we are used to back home in Canada or the States. So a bunch of dressed up fools that don’t speak French should be interesting. Other than one restaurant that was hanging a few paper pumpkins and skeletons there really wasn’t any evidence of it in shops and stores, no bags of candies or decorations hanging. This should make Trick or Treating very interesting!


 Cole, I mean Captain Sparrow! 


Well we weren’t about to let that stop us, oh no! I must admit that I am a bit of a Halloween nut and as long as you have a costume, I don’t care how old you are, you are eligible to Trick or Treat! We planned a party on Saltair 3 with costumes out of our tickle trunk that we brought with us from home. Yes, I know that is a bit ridiculous to bring onto a boat, but like I said I have been known to be a Halloween Nut or as I like to say a Queen of Halloween! : ) 


 I figured packing a Pirate Costume on the boat was a good bet! 


 Check out these wacky costumes! Love that our friends Rich, Tyler and Kristie from SV Sail Pending were in the spirit. You guys are awesome!


That said decorations were limited and there are no pumpkins to be found to carve so we improvised with a few paper cut outs and covered our battery operated candles for the effect.


Brad and Andy chilling' next to the pinched up Dr. Johnson. 


Windows were clad in black garbage bags that had spooky eyes cut out and Cole used his famous Dr. Johnson puppet to hang from the gallows. That covered the decorations and we were getting in the spirit more with every minute as we listened to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as loud as we could.


 Our paper cut out pumpkins and some creepy devilled eggs with black olive spiders.


 Closest thing to a pumpkin is our jiffy marketed orange


Our friends were all great sports and came up with some fantastic costumes. We all roared with laughter over each others costumes as our friends approached Saltair 3. After a few pictures and cocktails for the adults we loaded into the Dinghies to begin the tour. 


The kids are ready in their Dinghy and the adults are loading up for our harbour tour. 


Trick or Treating was the big question. Was is going to work? Not only are we in Martinique where they don’t really do Halloween, they also don’t speak English. The kids all knew this was the case but were still excited to dress up and tour the harbour and show off their costumes. First of all you don’t go door to door when you live on a boat. Oh no. This year it will be boat to boat Trick or Treating by dinghy. The kids got into one with Cole dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, it was only fitting that he be the dinghy Captain for the night. 


 You know you are a cruising kid when you Trick or Treat by Dinghy! How Cool!


 Dinghy Captain Cole Sparrow.


It started with Tyler from Sail Pending and Nathalie and Lexi from Sandy Feet. The parents followed behind with cocktails in hand and the tour of the harbour began. The plan was to seek out the Canadian and American flagged vessels to help with the success of scoring some treats. The first boat, SV Prana hailing from Montreal, Canada didn’t disappoint. The kids were greeted with wide smiles and spoiled with a granola bar each along with $2 Euros each. Wow! the night is a success! Cole and the gang were fired up and it was onto the next boat. The kids decided that they would have one treat bag and divide their loot up at the end of the night.


 This is Trick or Treating when you live on a boat!


Onto the next boat! This was a French flagged boat and the sailor was super excited to see the kids and the adults. In his limited english he says “ Ah Pirates! What is the Ransom? to which we answered ”Anything you like!” He came back up to hand the kids a jar of candied nuts. Perfect! 


 Captain Brad! Arrg!


The next boat on the tour had a couple of kids on the bow watching us approach. They were wearing costumes, this was looking promising. These kids didn’t speak English but were clearly informed about Halloween so in my best French, we invited them to join the kid dinghy and continue trick or treating with us. The parents agreed and off we went.


 More kids joined Cole's Dinghy and others dinghies joined our flotilla.


Another family spotted us and joined in the flotilla with their Dinghy. We were a sight to see! Dusk was upon us and the loot bag was growing to an impressive size. Now they had gotten a homemade lemon cake, a container of sour candies, some chocolate wedding mints, some gummy candies. Our Halloween gang had grown to an impressive number considering the differences in language not to mention being perfect strangers before the night started. That’s cruisers for ya! 


Back at Saltair 3 the kids spread out their loot to share. 


Now in complete darkness and no street lights in our watery neighbourhood it was back to Saltair 3 to divide up the kids loot and enjoy some snacks. I think each kid went to their parents at some point to tell them that this was the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER! Yay! So its not just about the traditions we are used to and having them exactly the same each year its how we can make new ones that make us feel just as good. 


Happy Halloween Everyone!


Life is for Livin’


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