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A Picture Speaks a 1000 Words. The Tobago Cays

January 14, 2017

Saltair 3 at anchor in the Tobago Cays 


Sometimes the best way to tell about a place is to show pictures. Like they say “ A picture speaks a thousand words” and that is exactly what this blog post about the Tobago Cays will be. A photo blog, clean and simple with no fuss. Well maybe a few words.... I can't help myself.


 The Anchorage is just big enough for a few boats. Perfect for this island paradise.


This is a place that will take your breath away both above the water and below. With the Turtle sanctuary right below your keel, you will get tired of shouting out “ Turtle” to your friends. 


The Tobago Cays are even worthy of a visit from the famous Captain Jack Sparrow himself in Pirates of the Caribbean. Remember the scene where Elizabeth Swan burns all the rum? Well this is the place.

So sit back and enjoy the screen saver worthy photos of the Tobago Cays and be sure to hit them on your way down the Leeward Chain, you won’t regret it.


 The turquoise clear waters in the Tobago Cays are the closest to the Bahamas that we have seen all the way down the island chain.


 Captain Brad takes a stroll on the perfect white sand beach. Not a bad place to hang out.



 What if you were stranded here? Could be worse right? 


There are a few different Islands within the Tobago Cays but you will want to make sure the conditions are fair to really be able to enjoy all their beauty. 


Trio Travels took this beach by storm along with our friends on Sail Pending, Sandy Feet and So What. The kids loved the thought of being on the same island as Jack Sparrow.


This is the spot where the giant rum bonfire took place from Pirates of the Caribbean. Cole and the gang were determined to find some movie remnants. Great treasure hunting! 


Cole and the gang are building a fort from the fallen palm fronds. Just in case they get marooned on the island. lol


 Cruising kids have it made! Aaaahh the life!


There were piles of white sun bleached coral at the point of the island.


Saltair 3 is anchored in shallow 5 feet of water with Mayreau in the background.


No comment needed, just enjoy! 


And there you have it ! The Tobago Cays, put it on your list.


If you are inspired or have learned something from our blog why not consider tossing some change into our tip jar and make our day. Every little bit is appreciated. Thanks for reading.



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