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We Made It To Grenada!

February 23, 2017

We did it, we made it to Grenada! 


Grenada is for many cruisers the final destination for the cruising season. It feels like a real accomplishment when you see the island in the distance, with its tropical peaks rising from the sea. It looks beautiful and big with lots to explore.

It is the island at the end of what is like a giant funnel pouring most of the boats that have been sailing south through the Leeward and the Windward Islands into one safe harbour.  We all end up here to hang out for hurricane season.  When we set sail for this cruising life, Grenada seemed so incredibly far away. At times we wondered whether or not we could possibly get all the way down there. I remember staring at the chart of the Caribbean on the wall in our salon and thinking how far it seemed. Now, here we are! I know that we didn’t transit any big oceans to get here but nevertheless it is an accomplishment to be appreciated. 


Hooking up with cruising friends for a "Happy Appy Hour" aboard Saltair 3. 


We sailed over 4000 nautical miles through all kinds of conditions, saw over 80 anchorages, 16 different countries and 44 islands. Along the way we met all kinds of other cruisers heading to Grenada that we look forward to reconnecting with. Now the question is; which anchorage are we going to call home? 


 Hartmann Bay & Secret Harbour are 2 of the anchorages to choose from.


St George’s is the anchorage closest to the Capital City one that is full of life, bustling with locals, shops, restaurants, and everything in between. We soon found this to be our favourite anchorage despite its questionable holding. For us it was perfect. Being able to swim off the back of the boat, make water in it's clear water, find a spot to anchor with enough room to enjoy your neighbours and still have a bit of privacy, be able to buzz into town anytime on the dinghy and not worry about catching a bus. All this and a beautiful view of the town on one side and the beach on the other. 


The colourful streets of St George's are fun to explore. 


It is a nice feeling to know that we would be in one place for a while, long enough to get to know it and enjoy some stationary living. We had a haul out planned for our time in Grenada along with a few boat projects. Just when we thought we would have plenty of time to do these projects we got caught up in all that Grenada has to offer and believe me, it offers a lot.


Cole joins Sailing School at the Grenada Yacht Club. 


Consider it the country club for cruisers with different activities and groups to join everyday. You can play dominoes, do yoga, play trivia, go on a hash, tour the island, take a cooking class, meet other kids on the beach, have dinner at the container park, go to movie night, and pizza night or take a crazy bus ride to the Friday night Fish Fry, the list goes on. Of course what activities list wouldn’t be complete without Bingo? Bingo Grenada style has a few interesting prizes that are taken very seriously. What is the prize you ask? The top prize is a piglet or a goat. Yes you read that right a PIGLET or a GOAT! You must see it for yourself.



With all this to do we may have to take a weekend and go to Tobago! Lol



"Life is for Livin'


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