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Iguana for dinner...?

April 17, 2018


I wanted to tell you a story...

Yesterday Cole and I had dropped off our laundry to be done by a local girl. We don’t have the time or the water to do such a big load with new guests arriving the next day so we get this girl named Monique to do it at her house. She does others too.
Her grandma is 87 and she sits on her balcony up above the laundry that’s done in the bottom of the house. This house is on stilts and built typically 3rd world Belizean...

So Cole and I went to pick up the laundry today and Monique, the grand daughter (age 25) was at the grocery store at the time. Grandma said we could wait and we had a nice visit with her... Cole is always so engaging no matter what the age...

We got tired of waiting and went to go get some eggs we also needed from another local grocery shack. 
Half way there Monique met us riding her bike back to the laundry. 
This is the funny part... we told her we were chatting with lady Celia (grandma) and had a nice visit with her. 
Monique said “yes she’s nice, she cookin’ dinner right now.”
I asked “what’s she cooking”?
Monique said “ Iguana stew, they lots of them around you can catch and cook”
Cole and I looked at each other but had nothing to say... lol 
In hindsight I wish we had asked if we could see the pot of Iguana that she was cooking up and maybe try some 

Had to share 😊



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