A Fountaine Pajot Venezia 42 Catamaran


In 2013 when we first made our decision to sell much of our belongings including our home and set sail for the oceans of the world, we hadn't really given any thought to what kind of boat we would like to do it on.

It didn't really matter, a Sailboat of course.

We knew there were many different makes and models to choose from, what we didn't know was what it was like doing it on a CATAMARAN.

Krista was at a "Women in Business Showcase" in our hometown of Saltair one weekend and happen to over hear an interesting conversation. (Yes we live in a small town called "Saltair", lucky us!)

A vibrant and fun lady was talking about how she and her family had recently moved to Saltair on Vancouver Island after having sailed the Caribbean for 5 years on a CATAMARAN. Krista's ears instantly perked up and her high intensity hearing kicked in!

What was this women talking about...? This wonderful lady was Debbie Verstoep.

That afternoon Debbie told Krista wonderful tales of comfortable yet exciting sailing around the Caribbean Sea aboard their Prout Catamaran.

Krista couldn't wait to get home to tell me all about her conversation with Debbie. 

Soon we were having dinners with the Verstoeps, listening as they recounted and reminisced about their Sailing adventures aboard "Sea U Manana" their Prout 50 Catamaran. 

We were instant friends.


In Decemeber 2014 we began our search for the perfect for us Catamaran.

Not knowing much about Catamarans and what they had to offer we needed to do our homework. We only looked at Cats we thought would work for us, Cats we had researched on the internet first. Occasionaly a broker would show us one they thought we might like. 

We rented a car and the three of us spent 3 weeks searching Florida from the North to the South, from the East to the West. We physically looked at almost 25 Catamarans (and proably 150 online). Some were too small, too expensive, or even too cheap, others had too little head room or older features like dated electronics, still others were too tight inside, too little deck space or too small of a cockpit for outdoor relaxing, we like being outdoors.

This Catamaran shopping was fun but hard work too! We made notes on every Catamaran we saw and a pros and cons list too.

Then we found "Saltair 3" called "Unbound" at the time.

UNBOUND had been left to sit in a Fort Lauderdale canal for almost 2 years with only the odd day out to sea. She looked neglected but was not so far gone that we couldn't tell that she was a diamond in the rough.

The running rigging was worn from sun and salt, her gel coat needed a good polish and her galley was only half functional and tired too. Navigation instruments were not all working and her hull needed a good scrape with some new bottom paint. All in all, if we could get a good deal, we felt we could do a lot of the work ourselves. We could hire out the work we couldn't or didn't want to mess with and eventually bring her back to her original glory.

The Survey was positive (although we felt the Surveyor didn't really know what he was doing).

We made an offer, and soon we had ourslves our first Catamaran! 

The next 3 months were spent working hard updating, renovating and transforming her into Saltair 3. While we did the work we moved the boat between LMC (Lauderdale Marine Center and Harbour Towne Marina at Dania living aboard at the same time (not recomended Lol) but we survived.

There were a few surprises along the way that we didn't expect, much like it was when we were renovationg houses back in B.C. but soon all the hard work and weeks of long days of renovating paid off. Saltair 3 was back to her formal glory!

Watch the "Bue Water outfitting of Saltair 3" Video series starting with "Catamaran Shopping in Florida". Click the Video below. Then find our REVIEWS page to see what we thought about the upgrades we did and what we would or wouldn't do or upgrade again.

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